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Oct 5th, 2018: Western Sahara Independence Movement

The LMC revisits the story of the struggle for independence in Western Sahara, one of only 2 regions in Africa where Spanish is spoken. We speak with Sahra Libre (alias) about the continued fight against Moroccan occupation, which has lasted for over 43 years. Sahra Libre is a Sahrawi refugee and activist living in the US. She conducted this interview in an undisclosed location in Morocco in order to circumvent the media blockade.

July 22nd 2016: Western Sahara Examined

Very few Latinos are aware that they have Arab brothers and sisters that also speak Spanish. Dr Stephen Zunes from the University of San Francisco & author of “Western Sahara: War Nationalism & Conflict Irresolution”, discusses the Sahrawi struggle for independence while under occupation by Morocco. You can learn more @ stephenzunes.org/