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Best of 2017 w/ Latino Rebels Radio

On this special joint episode between the LMC and Latino Rebels Radio, Julio Ricardo Varela and LMC host Oscar Fernandez finally join forces to discuss the highs and lows of 2017 & how the struggle for social justice continues into 2018. Sigue la lucha & thanks to everyone for following us this year!!!!

Dec 15th 2017: The Honduran Elections

Amid a controversial presidential election marred by corruption and voter suppression, the LMC speaks with Suyapa Portillo about what happens next in Honduras. Suyapa Portillo is an assistant professor of Chicano & Latino studies at Pitzer College in Claremont, Ca. She was also an election observer during the November election in Honduras.

Nov 17th 2017: The Caribbean after the Hurricanes

Following a devastating hurricane season, what is the future of the lesser-known countries of the Caribbean/West Indies? Freelance reporter Kevin Edmonds joins the LMC to discuss how some smaller countries suffered, the sustainability of a tourism-based economy, global warming, and the sometimes racist nature of corporate media coverage.