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Dec 15th 2017: The Honduran Elections

Amid a controversial presidential election marred by corruption and voter suppression, the LMC speaks with Suyapa Portillo about what happens next in Honduras. Suyapa Portillo is an assistant professor of Chicano & Latino studies at Pitzer College in Claremont, Ca. She was also an election observer during the November election in Honduras.

March 17th 2017: Honduras, Berta Caceres, & Human Rights

Freelance journalist Sandra Cuffe joins us to discuss the 1-year anniversary of Honduran indigenous & environmental rights activist Berta Caceres’ assassination. We also discuss the latest details of her case, which involves US-trained soldiers. In addition, we also talk about latest in human rights abuses, confiscation of land, and attacks against activists. You can find more from Sandra Cuffe at www.sandracuffe.com/


Sept 23rd 2016: Central American Migration

Following this week’s UN Summit for Refugees & Migration, Laura Weiss talks with us about increased border enforcement on the Guatemala/Mexico border. Weiss is the web editor for the North American Congress on Latin America. (NACLA) You can learn more about her report on nacla.org/