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January 18th, 2019: Constitutional Crisis In Guatemala

Award-winning novelist and journalist Francisco Goldman speaks with the LMC about the ongoing constitutional crisis in Guatemala as current president Jimmy Morales continues to impede the work of the anti-corruption commission known as CICIG. Francisco Goldman is also the author of, “The Art of Political Murder: Who Killed the Bishop?”

March 30th, 2018: Life After Deportation In Guatemala

Is there life after deportation in Guatemala? Willy Barreno, the cofounder of DESGUA, says yes. He speaks with the LMC about his organization, creating job opportunities for the Mayan community, alternatives to migrating north, creating hope for recently deported Guatemalans, and building the Guatemalan dream. A very inspiring episode. Check out his work at desgua.org

Sept 30th 2016: US Human Experimentation in Guatemala.

On this episode, we speak with Lydia Crafts about US history of human experimentation’s in Guatemala in the 40’s. She discusses how US doctors infected people with STI’s, the manipulation of patient consent, and how this history still affects Guatemala’s health care system today. You can find her article on nacla.org/