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April 7th 2017: El Salvador Mining Ban

Laura Embree-Lowry, the program director for CISPES, joins us to discuss the historic mining ban in El Salvador. She’ll explain how El Salvador became the first country in the world to ban all metallic mining nationwide and about the activists whom risked their lives to fight for social and environmental justice. Learn more at cispes.org/


March 17th 2017: Honduras, Berta Caceres, & Human Rights

Freelance journalist Sandra Cuffe joins us to discuss the 1-year anniversary of Honduran indigenous & environmental rights activist Berta Caceres’ assassination. We also discuss the latest details of her case, which involves US-trained soldiers. In addition, we also talk about latest in human rights abuses, confiscation of land, and attacks against activists. You can find more from Sandra Cuffe at www.sandracuffe.com/


Jan 6th 2017: Environmental Rights Struggle In Ecuador

We start the new year by focusing on the struggle for environmental and indigenous rights in Ecuador. Freelance journalist Bryan Miranda speaks with us about the struggle for environmental justice by the indigenous Shuar community of Ecuador as they fight to prevent the development of a mining project on ancestral lands. We’ll also talk about a few similarities this case has with the Standing Rock struggle as well.