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Sept 30th 2016: US Human Experimentation in Guatemala.

On this episode, we speak with Lydia Crafts about US history of human experimentation’s in Guatemala in the 40’s. She discusses how US doctors infected people with STI’s, the manipulation of patient consent, and how this history still affects Guatemala’s health care system today. You can find her article on nacla.org/


April 15th 2016: Obama Visits Argentina

While most of US media attention was on Obama’s visit to Cuba and its history with human rights, the same attention was not entirely given to Argentina. This comes at the same time as the 40th anniversary of the 1976 military coup. Jennifer Adair, Prof of history at Fairfield University, goes in depth on Obama’s trip to Argentina.


2016: Peruvian Elections

George Ygarza from the indigenous Tawintinsuyu diaspora in Peru discusses the complexities of Peru’s presidential election and the reasons behind the massive protests against the right-wing candidate, Keiko Fujimori. Her father is former Peruvian dictator Alberto Fujimori, one of the few Latin American leaders currently in prison for war crimes.