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August 14th, 2020: The Story Of Dan Mitrione, Uruguay, & Police Repression

Who was Dan Mitrione? What was he accused of doing in Uruguay? What did the US Office of Public Safety do to increase police repression? What lessons in this period in Uruguayan history teach us about police violence and reform today? The LMC tries to find out by speaking with Stuart Schrader on police repression both yesterday and today. Stuart Schrader is the Associate Director of the Program in Racism, Immigration, and Citizenship at Johns Hopkins University and the author of, “Badges Without Borders: How Global Counterinsurgency Transformed American Policing.”

Nov 10th 2017: The Jesuit Murders

On the eve of the 28th anniversary of the murder of Jesuit priests by US-trained, Salvadoran-backed military forces; the LMC speaks with Robert Lassalle-Klein about the significance of this event as it relates to Liberation Theology. Robert Lassalle-Klein is the author of “Blood & Ink: Ignacio Ellacuria, Jon Sobrino, and the Jesuit Martyrs of the University of Central America.”