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May 3rd, 2019: Canada’s Role in Venezuela Crisis

Most people are familiar with the bad actors in the Trump administration that are trying to overthrow the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro, along with the right-wing governments in Latin America that are supporting the US in regime change. Flying under the radar is Canada’s role in the Venezuelan crisis. So the LMC speaks with Donald Kingsbury, whom is a lecturer in Political Science & Latin American Studies @ the University of Toronto, about Canada’s own unique set of skills in regime change.

Jan 26th 2018: Migrating to Canada

Not everything is rosy with peace and love regarding the open arm of Canada towards immigration. In fact, for several years, the Canadian immigration system has become more in lockstep with the US regarding asylum seekers and the undocumented. So the LMC speaks with Patricia Martin, an associate professor of Geography at the Universite de Montreal, about the myths and harsh realities of migrating to Canada.

Dec 1st 2017: Assimilation

In recent times, the concept of Assimilation is used against immigrants to push them into submission and subservience. However, very few people know about the dark and tragic history of Assimilation in the US & Canada against native peoples of the Western Hemisphere. Freelance writer Julian Brave Noisecat speaks with the LMC about the dark and deadly history of Assimilation in North America. He is a member of the Canim Lake band Tsq’escen and descendant of the Lil’Wat of Mt Currie in British Columbia, Canada.