April 5th, 2019: Haitian Migration to Chile

In less than nine years, the number of Haitian immigrants going to Chile has gone from almost non-existent to over 100,000 and growing. The LMC speaks with Cristian Dona-Reveco about this growing community in Chile and their struggles against institutional racism and xenophobia. Cristian Dona-Reveco is an associate professor of Sociology and the director of the Latino/Latin American Studies Program at the University of Nebraska, Omaha.

One thought on “April 5th, 2019: Haitian Migration to Chile”

  1. I’m normally at work during the time this show is on, however when I take lunch at this time I always make sure I listen. I am a Haitian American citizen and was aware that Haitians were migrating to Chile only because I have family members that have spoken to me about trying to go to Chile. Unfortunately the Haitian government in conjunction with the US government continue to make living in Haiti intolerable. Until the the Haitian government breaks away from the grasp of the US government Haitians will continue to flee and continue to face the racism we see in Chile and in Brazil.


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