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March 2nd, 2018: The FARC’s Insurgent Feminism

As the peace process in Colombia continues, an insurgent feminist movement within the FARC guerrilla forces has emerged to gain a foothold on both the peace process and the future of women’s rights. This is not a whitewash for the FARC. This is a feminist movement developed within the FARC, but not solely beholden to the the FARC. Freelance journalist Kimberley Brown joins us to discuss this fascinating development.

Jan 27 2017: Latina Feminist Activism on the Rise

LMC engineer Abby Roberts takes the lead in speaking with Brujas skateboarder and herbal healing activist Antonia Perez on the importance of Latina feminist activism, defending environmental rights, and the importance of herbal medicine and natural healing during these times of tremendous trauma. You can find A. Perez @ www.instagram.com/antonita_la_brujita/