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July 29th, 2022: The Condor Trials

Decades after the inception of Operation Condor throughout South America, the LMC spends the hour with Dr Francesca Lessa on transational repression under the guise of Operation Condor and the continued pursuit for justice years later. Dr Francesca Lessa is the author of, “The Condor Trials: Transnational Repression And Human Rights In South America.”

May 27th, 2022: The Shadow of D’aubuisson pt. 1

Torturer. Fascist. Murderer. Godfather of the death squads. On this episode, the LMC speaks with professor Jorge Cuellar in a two-part series on the dark shadow of Roberto D’aubuisson over El Salvador. Jorge Cuellar is an assistant professor of Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean studies @ Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.