April 22nd, 2022: Western Sahara, The Forgotten Colony

As US and European governments call for global support for Ukraine’s self-determination, Western Sahara goes ignored. So the LMC spends the hour with Professor Jacob Mundy on the latest in Western Sahara’s struggle for independence and how the US and Europe have turned their backs on the Sahrawi people. Jacob Mundy is the author of, “Western Sahara: War, Nationalism, and Conflict Irresolution.”

April 8th, 2022: Costa Rica Goes Right

While Costa Rica does not have the same violent history as its Central American neighbors, a shift to the right following its recent presidential elections still requires further examination. So the LMC speaks with Andres Leon Araya, an assistant professor of political science and anthropology @ the University of Costa Rica, about how the right dominates Costa Rican democracy.