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November 12th, 2021: New York’s Garifuna Community

Longtime Garifuna activist Jose Francisco Avila spends the hour with the LMC to discuss both his personal search for identity and the development of New York’s Garifuna community. Avila is also the author of, “Pan-Garifuna Afro Latino. Power of Pride: My Quest for Racial, Ancestral, Ethnic & Cultural Identity.”

October 29th, 2021: Ali Primera & Los Guaraguao

Legends in Venezuela. Comrades of El Salvador. Giants in La Nueva Cancion Movement. On this episode, the LMC speaks with Carlos Ron about the musical legacy of Venezuela’s Ali Primera and Los Guaraguao, their unique connection to El Salvador, and the revolutionary music that became the soundtrack to Central American resistance in the 80’s. Carlos Ron is the Venezuelan Vice Minister for North America and the President of the Simon Bolivar Institute para la Paz y la Solidaridad entre los Pueblos.