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July 30th, 2021: Marta!!!

Against the prevailing winds of institutionalized sexism and blatant disregard by her own futbol federation, Marta has blazed a trail to become one of the greatest female footballers ever. So the LMC speaks with Brenda Elsey to discuss the challenges Marta and her compatriots face in getting respect for the women’s game. Elsey is a co-host for the Burn It All Down podcast and the author of, “Futbolera: A History of Women and Sports in Latin America.”

June 25th, 2021: Undocumented & LGBTQ pt 12, Dominican Edition

The LMC wraps up Pride Month 2021 by spending the hour with Prof Ana-Maurine Lara for a Dominican edition to our Undocumented & LGBTQ series. Ana-Maurine Lara is an assistant professor in the department of Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies @ the University of Oregon. Author of, “Streetwalking: LGBTQ Lives and Protest in the Dominican Republic.”