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September 23rd, 2022: Hurricane Fiona

Following the recent devastation of Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico on top of the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Maria, the LMC spends the hour with Dr Monica Feliu-Mojer to discuss the challenges of both global warming and colonialism. Monica Feliu-Mojer is a Puerto Rican scientist and science communicator as well as the director of communications & science outreach for Ciencia Puerto Rico.

March 25th, 2022: Cuban American Disinformation

How do we tackle the difficult issue of extremism and disinformation within the Cuban-American community in Florida without sounding prejudicial in the process? The LMC spend the hour tackling this issue by speaking with freelance writer Arturo Dominguez on his extensive research into disinformation within the Latino community while also dispelling the stigma that plagues Cuban-Americans as extremist.